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3fs in Montreal

11.07.2014 - , ,

3fs @Montréal and 3fs opened a joint workspace in Montréal.


We create delightful web, mobile apps and make them work together.

ThirdFrameStudios is a full-service content creator providing advanced graphical and conceptual services for software development, high end web and mobile development, game development and software usability studies and solutions. Through the history we have been servicing advertising agencies, media houses, IT companies, mobile handset developers, mobile operators and mobile equpment providers.

ThirdFrameStudios is also a product oriented company with inhouse R&D department for multimedia development, mobile platform development, IT development and 3d animation. Our products can be found in boutique clients as well as multinational companies, serving mostly web and mobile world and in-between connectivity.

We specialize in PHP, CSS/HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, iOS, Flash, Air, Android, WP7, RIM, QT and Unity development.


Sustainability through IT

Green technology needs to be used more and more in order to diminish the effect of humankind on ecosystem. But that has to go hand in hand with sustainable way of living. Therefore ThirdFrameStudios constantly invests in eco friendly everyday goods, like low energy consumption appliances and hardware, eco friendly office equipment with as less problematic chemical elements in working environment as possible.

All that is no good if the sustainable philosophy does not directly effect employees. ThirdFrameStudios encourages and also finances all aspects of sustainable working environment: constant education, top of the line hardware and office equipment, health and social security, physical activities, healthy food and working environment that includes rest areas with pool table, game consoles, full HD cinema and toys (yes :) ).

Social communities specialist

In-House developed framework is specially made for large scale social communities and it is tested in real life environments on large scale projects. ThirdFrameStudio believes that technology must be used in order to narrow the gap between individuals and increase the social awareness of every single person on the planet without invading their privacy and personal details. Our speciality is a combination of web social network, mobile phone access and multimedia products. All that results in a world class social community products for world class clients.