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It’s extremely exciting to work with smart and bold individuals, who are capable of sparking their own ideas to life.

Andraž Logar
CEO and partner

Our path to successful digital companies


We generously support our rapid prototyping culture. We’ll often dedicate up to three people for up to three months to explore practical applications of a new technology. Or to conceptualize a solution to a real-life problem identified while exploring the industries of our interest.


When we develop a promising prototype with meaningful business potential, we expand the prototyping team. We keep them dedicated to the venture and support them for up to two years while they productize, test and refine their idea in the market.


The press are excited, the users are converting, the team is generating profit … It’s hard to get here, but if they succeed, the team’s hard work is duly rewarded: they continue to operate in our offices as a spin-off venture, with members receiving equity shares in the new company.

Years of learning, through trial and error

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