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We work with industry insiders who have years of experience and want to transform their business with digital products.

Boštjan Lukša
PM and partner

Walk on the cutting-edge

We explore real-world applications of emerging digital technologies through a user-centered, prototype-driven approach.

Web, 2005→

We have vast experience with interactive media solutions, social networks, marketplaces, IoT dashboards and other complex, browser-based applications.

Mobile, 2005→

We have been involved in mobile since before the iPhone was a thing, working on messaging and interactive content, later moving into native and cross-platform mobile application development.

VR/AR/MR, 2009→

We have long explored the potentials of immersive technologies for input and output of information. Furthermore, we are a development partner for Microsoft’s HoloLens technology.

Cloud, 2010→

We create and maintain highly-scalable applications, using containerised micro-services and custom APIs in public and private clouds. We are enthusiasts and practitioners of DevOps.

IoT, 2010→

Our longstanding relationship with telco IT providers has kept us at the forefront of device connectivity, developing core technologies.

Blockchain, 2010→

Looking beyond the cryptocurrency hype, we are exploring use cases and business models for decentralised applications and their underlying protocols.

Work with venture-level talent

We attract and nurture some of the most gifted craftsmen in the industry, many of whom launched their own ventures and decided to stay with us as advisors.


Vasja Bočko
CEO of Iryo

Joined 3fs as product manager in 2015. Co-founded Iryo healthcare platform 3 years later.


Goran Ivašić
Designer of Lake

Joined 3fs as product designer in 2015. Co-founded Lake colouring app 2 years later.


Dominik Žnidarič
CTO of Iryo

Joined 3fs as back-end developer in 2014. Co-founded Iryo healthcare platform 4 years later.

Tap into our vast experience

Over the years, we have contributed to telecommunications, media, gaming, finance and healthcare industries. Our partners include Fortune 500 companies that repeatedly turn to us in their pursuit of new opportunities.

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Don’t feel locked-in

We work on products, not projects. This entails long-term commitments which might be intimidating and that’s understandable. Don’t worry, we have you covered all the way.

Transparent pricing

It’s simple, really. You get a dedicated team; each specialist has a day rate. Our accounting is transparent and we reconcile the books with you on a quarterly basis.


We are committed to you through the entire product lifecycle. However, you are free to insource work on the product at any point and we’ll help you make the transition.


Insourcing can be a challenge for your HR. We can organise specialists training programs to secure a successful product handover or invite you to attend our related community events.

Let’s push the envelope in your industry.