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Community activities are adding value to our employees, but they are also a way of opening our doors to you.

Ajda Marn
People Operations

Our activities

Knowledge sharing

We organize knowledge sharing sessions every Wednesday afternoon. They are mostly technical and work oriented, hosted by employees with different levels of experience. Since knowledge comes in different forms, we sometimes study other stuff as well: tea making, ergonomics, burnouts, our travels, conference recaps, culinary tips, soft skills, etc.

Special events

Few times a year we organize special events, like annual Google I/O Extended event in May, Codeweek for children or Apple event in September. We invite in-house presenters and outside experts to share with us more on a specific subject, and live-stream the events so you can join us from wherever you are.

Professional courses

At least once a year we organize courses focused on a specific technology or any other subject of interest, so we can broaden our knowledge. Although courses are primarily intended for employees, anyone interested is invited to join us. Courses usually last several weeks with one group session per week, and are led by our most experienced employees and handpicked guest lecturers.

Let’s get to know each other on one of our events.