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15.01.2005 - , ,

New mobile character - Qtie

Mobile buddy named Qtie is result of a tested worflow and approach towards creating 3g experience a bit more personal.

Wouldn't you like to have a toy like buddy, who would lead you through the mobile phone functions and give you the possibility to navigate your phone without many buttons to push? For all of you, there's Qutie. ThirdFrameStudios has used high end 3d, compositing
tools to create Quite as a mobile buddy for mobile technology provider Mobeon.

Originally red, but at the end with a different flavour. Originally for a "red" operator, as a branded operator character experience.


The team behind Qutie creation:

brief – Mobeon
concept art – Matej Jenko
modeling – Nebojša Vertovšek
texturing – Sabina Radnjelovič
rigging and skinning – Andraž Logar
lighting setup – Gorazd Kranjc
animation – Nebojša Vertovšek, Andraž Logar
compositing – Andraž Logar


About Mobeon

Mobeon is a telecom software house providing specialized messaging software components to tier-one telecom network equipment vendors. Mobeon enables them to offer integrated and packaged market-ready private labeled messaging solutions and thus participate competitively in the voice and video messaging market.
As the world’s leading provider of IP messaging components their software powers over 30% of the world’s installed base and is embedded into many of the industry’s leading messaging solutions.
By focusing heavily on the subscriber Mobeon seeks to build powerful partnerships with our tier-one core network customer.

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