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02.04.2009 -™ is open for public™, multiplayer flash game portal, is now ready for the general public.

Enjoy the craze!

New games, new features, new multiplayer server, new look and feel and lots of more fun. After months of hard work, brainstorming, polishing the gui and the functionality, we are finnaly there where we wanted to be:™ is now open for public usage, even though we will continue to stay in permanent web beta stage, meaning, you can all expect constant upgrades, bug fixes and new games that will be public oriented and always multiplayer.

This new version also includes new security checks that demant users to use their mobile phones. It is a step forward, but admitely, it does introduce a usability challenge, because people are still not used to use their mobile phones for web activity.


The team behind™

owner of the project and multimedia department lead: Martin Glavač
senior developer and project lead: Jure Žitnik
developers: Goran Kodrun, Miha Lunar, Tim Papler, Blaž Strmole
design: Matic Pelcl
3d design: Nejc Polovšak
avatar pack design: Žiga Aljaž
logo design: Luka Umek
sound: Rok Kompan

join the game craze on

Comments (4)

author: a
great JOB

author: Block
U can better.

author: kobe . bryant
im the beast

author: aplayer
Great Great Great !!!
The best multiplayer portal i ever seen !

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